What is the traditional gift for a Wedding16th anniversary? It is wax.

A significant accomplishment is marking 16 years of marriage. Find a gift that your spouse will adore, whether you are looking for a contemporary or traditional 16th anniversary present. With these 16th anniversary gift suggestions, you can be sure to find the ideal present for your partner, who deserves nothing less. For your 16th wedding anniversary, there are many unique gifts you can purchase, just like there are for any other anniversary gifts by year.

Give them the customary flower or gemstone for their 16th wedding anniversary. You’re sure to find something special with our curated list of anniversary gift ideas.

What Is The Traditional Gift For A 16th Wedding Anniversary?

Traditional gift theme: Wax

There are both contemporary and classic gift suggestions, just like every year you celebrate your anniversary. Wax has been the customary anniversary gift for couples who have been married for 16 years. What a great justification for purchasing candles!

Modern gift theme: Silver Holloware

The modern 16th wedding anniversary symbol is silver “holloware,” simply meaning any silver that isn’t flatware. Serving trays, bowls, and even home décor with a silver theme could fit this description.

Gemstone: Peridot

Flower: Statice

Color: Silver

Anniversary Gifts

The best wax-themed anniversary present suggestions for your wife, husband, or favorite couple include candles (and candle-making classes), a waxed jacket, and more.

Wax Seal Stamp Kit

If your partner is constantly running to the craft store to pick up a new hobby, they will be thrilled to have the opportunity to try their hand at making wax seals. The heirloom-quality detail is actually older than some of the earliest known civilizations, including Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley (330 and 150 BCE, respectively). All of this has led to the present, where it is a standard feature on customized wedding (or anniversary party) invitations. For elegant envelope sealing, this kit includes a stamp, wax warmer, tweezers, tea candles, two metallic pens, and hundreds of wax beads. Maybe they’ll thank you for this original 16th anniversary gift by writing you a love letter sealed with a personalized wax seal.

Custom Candle Set

High-quality paraffin wax and fragrances free of synthetic ingredients are used to create these hand-poured Parisian candles from the well-known company Diptyque, which make a lavish gift for a 16th wedding anniversary. Build your partner (or the deserving couple) a box set of three miniature candles by selecting from more than 50 iconic scents. We can assure you that Diptyque’s Fig Tree and Roses Candle and the company’s iconic floral Baies scent are both excellent choices.

Wine-scented Candles

What could be more romantic than an intimate dinner with a bottle of wine and candlelight? There is an environmentally friendly candle to go with your significant other’s favorite beverage, whether they prefer reds, whites, or champagne. Wine bottles that have been discarded are cleaned, manually reduced in size, and filled with durable soy wax. The aromas of cabernet, champagne, chardonnay, rosé, and pinot grigio are each a nod to a different type of wine. Light it to celebrate 16 years of marriage, naturally with their preferred wine.

Hidden Message Candle

Looking for a romantically enhanced candle anniversary gift? Wish fulfilled. This candle reveals a custom message (like “I love you”) once it’s been burned for about an hour. For a 16th wedding anniversary gift that is special to your one-of-a-kind spouse, it can be fully customized, right down to the scent.

Lip Care Gift Set

Think again if you thought makeup wouldn’t go with the wax theme. Burt’s Bees lip balm is made from natural, responsibly sourced beeswax for a moisturizing cosmetic that may just lead to extra smooches. The brand’s traditional chapstick is included in this gift set along with a tinted balm and a lip shimmer for a hydrating and lovely lip care routine. For them to show off their new lipstick, arrange an anniversary dinner date.

Waxed Canvas Briefcase

Is it time for your partner to return to work? Dress them in an elegant emerald green briefcase made of waxed canvas and leather, one of the 16th anniversary colors. With two exterior zippered pockets and an expandable interior with a laptop pocket, this bag appears to be much larger than it actually is. It is a practical choice even if they walk to work because it is waterproof and has a padded shoulder strap.

Autumn-scented Candles

The newest obsession on the internet is Otherland candles. They have experienced a meteoric rise in popularity thanks to their artistic designs, moving fragrances, and toxic-free wax. Choose a trio of candles—we are crazy about the autumn-scented Berkshire Granola, Woodlands, and Spice It Up set—or give a gift card so the recipient can take their personal scent quiz to determine which Otherland candles are best for them.

Hello – Will You – I Do Map Canvas Print

No matter how long you’ve been together, you’ll always remember those three special days. The day you first met, the moment he proposed to you, and the moment you were given the title of “Mr.” and A lovely way to honor your marriage of 16 years, Mrs.

Candle Care Set

If there is already a candle on every tabletop in your home, veer slightly away from the wax theme to ensure that the current collection of flames is properly cared for. To ensure that their candles burn safely and for a longer period of time, this care set includes a wick trimmer, snuffer, wick dipper, and a convenient tray. Additionally, it comes in four stylish hues: matte black, rose gold, yellow gold, and silver (also known as the anniversary color for the 16th year).

What Is The Traditional Gift For A 16th Wedding Anniversary 16 Surprising Gifts 
What Is The Traditional Gift For A 16th Wedding Anniversary? 16 Surprising Gifts 

Candle Making Class

You’re celebrating your 16th wedding anniversary and are looking for a fun date idea. Try your hand at making candles. This kit includes not only the materials you need to make three homemade candles with a lavender scent, but also access to a virtual class that will guide you through the entire procedure.

Wax Museum Tickets

This 16-year anniversary gift takes the wax anniversary theme all the way with tickets to Wax museum run by Madame Tussaud. You can even organize an anniversary trip around the experience since it is accessible from seven major cities across the nation. Once there, you can be in awe of the lifelike statues of famous singers (selfie with Taylor Swift, anyone?), popular sports figures and even Additionally, you can take pictures with your favorite celebrity in the most opulent locations, such as the Oval Office, a red carpet, or the set of a television talk show. How fun is that?

Wedding Anniversary Custom Mug

Custom Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Anniversary Mugs are a thoughtful and useful gift that will please your loved ones. You can personalize the mugs with names and dates to make your gift more unique. For a milestone celebration, these mugs make wonderful 16th anniversary presents.

Anniversary Map Candle

It’s time to toast your anniversary! Or, you know, light the candle. This candle with a champagne scent perfectly captures the significance of the wax anniversary. The lid says “Burning bright since [your wedding year],” with a custom label that depicts a location, date and your names. Even after the candle burns out, your partner or the happy couple will want to keep the jar as a tiny memento of this achievement. See more about Best 26-year Anniversary Gift To Celebrate A Quarter Century

Silver Glass Jar Candle

You may know Anthropologie as a clothing brand, but they also offer a ton of chic home decor items, including their popular Capri Blue Volcano candles (fun fact: this is basically the “official” store scent!). Tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons, limes, and mountain greens are among the notes included in the formula to create a fresh and sweet scent that will linger in the space even after the flame has been extinguished. The best part is that it comes in a gorgeous glass jar with silver speckles so you can combine traditional and contemporary 16-year anniversary gifts.

Destination Candle

Did you know that odor and memory are closely related? Gift your spouse a candle with a fragrance reminiscent of a special moment in your relationship for an extra touch of “aww” this anniversary. If you honeymooned in the Bahamas, for instance, a smooth mixture of juicy pineapple and coconut will instantly transport them back to lounging alongside you on that sandy beach. You can select nearly any city, state, country, or even sports stadium that has special meaning to you and your spouse by ordering candles from Homesick, which are made to smell like a variety of specific locations.

Flannel-lined Waxed Jacket

Candles aren’t the only traditional 16th anniversary gift. What about a wax jacket instead, if you’re not sure your spouse would like a wax candle? Thanks to its adaptable and classic design, this flannel-lined waxed canvas jacket will quickly become your partner’s favorite outerwear. To create a piece that is truly personal and that you will have to beg to borrow, the exterior is intended to gradually become lighter in the creases over time.


They remain flame-for-flame for one another after 16 years. They carefully tended the fire after fanning a spark into a flame. Don’t you think that the fireworks they share are worthy of recognition and celebration? The traditional gift is wax (such as candles, wax seals, and more), while the contemporary gift is silver holloware. (metal serving pieces like bowls, serving trays, or teapots). There are numerous gifting options for stunning jewelry, sentimental keepsakes, and other accessories they’ll love thanks to the gemstone (peridot) and color (silver) associated with the 16th anniversary.

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