The best gifts are books, but for many people, making time to read is harder said than done. However, audiobooks provide the ideal answer for your busy family and friends. In this post, we’ll show you how to gift an Audible audiobook to your family and friends.

When they are driving the kids to school, exercising at the gym, doing housework, or during a long commute, they can listen to fantasy novels. And they finish reading a book by simply listening to it, devoting no extra time from their regular schedule to reading from the textbook.

Things You Need to Know

A few things about giving an Audible audiobook are important to know, though, first.

  • You don’t need to be an Audible member to give an Audible book as a gift. You’ll have access to all the gifting options I’ll go over below as long as you’re logged in with your Amazon account. Keep in mind that the cost of the audiobook will typically be considerably higher if you are NOT an Audible member. For instance, a member can purchase the Ramona Quimby collection for just $29.54 as opposed to paying $42.20 for non-members. Therefore, it might be worthwhile to sign up for an Audible membership before sending an Audible book as a gift because you’ll come out even or ahead plus get at least a month of Audible Plus and an audiobook of your choice to keep for ever. (If you have an Audible Plus membership, rather than Audible Premium Plus, you will not get that member pricing).
  • It is not necessary for the recipient of your gift to be an Audible member. Giving them an Audible gift book does not necessitate them becoming members or making any payments; however, they WILL need to download the free Audible app in order to listen.
  • Your membership credits may be used to gift audiobooks. With too many extra credits? This is a great way to use them up because you’ll have the choice to pay for them with a credit card or with credit when you check out.
  • Audible books purchased from cannot be given as gifts. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to give away some of the great audiobook book deals that occasionally appear on Amazon. Only the Audible website allows you to gift Audible books.
  • You cannot gift Audible books from the Audible app if you’re using an iPhone but if you’re using an You can give directly from the app on an Android device.

How to Give the Gift of Audible?

Audible Audiobook

If you have a friend or family member who would appreciate the gift of an audiobook, then Audible is the way to go. They are the biggest supplier of digital audiobooks in the world, and their extensive collection contains just about any book you can imagine.

However, if you’ve never done it before and would like to give the gift of reading via Audible, the procedure might seem a little complicated.

So, whether you’re thinking about buying a single title or a full-priced subscription, I’ll cover everything you need to know in this post about giving Audible to your friends and family.

I’ll also go over how to redeem any audiobooks or subscriptions you may have received as a gift from Audible.

How to Purchase An Audible Audiobook as a Gift?

You can purchase Audible audiobooks as gifts using your debit or credit card, or, if you’re already an Audible subscriber, you can use your Audible credits, too.

Just carry out the actions listed below.

Sign In

Visit and sign in to your You can sign in using your Amazon account even if you are not an Audible subscriber.

Browse the Catalog

Once you’ve signed in, browse the Audible catalog to find the title you’re looking for. To give the audiobook as a gift, click the “give as a gift” button on the product details page that opens when you click the thumbnail.’

You might need to first select the “more options” tab for some audiobooks.

Choose How You Would Like the Gift to Be Sent

Once there, you’ll be given the choice between sending the audiobook via an automatically generated email or printing it out as a gift certificate to give to your friend or relative in person.

Fill in the Details

The recipient’s name (and email address, if necessary), your name, and an optional gift message must all be entered into the form that is located underneath the gifting options.

Select the day you want the audiobook to be delivered if you chose to email it (for example, today)., today, or next week, on their birthday.)

Once you’ve completed all the fields, click “continue.”‘

Finalize Your Gift

The page to “finalize your gift” will now be displayed to you. Check the details one last time to make sure they are accurate. Select ‘buy for $XX.XX,’ choose your payment method, and click ‘confirm purchase.’

Check Your Order Confirmation

A summary of your order can be found on the Thank You page after your purchase has been confirmed. Additionally, you’ll get a confirmation email.

You can find simple instructions for printing your gift here if that’s what you’ve decided to do.

How to Purchase An Audible Subscription as a Gift?

Since the recipient can select from thousands of audiobooks for several months or even a whole year, an audible subscription is a gift that keeps on giving.

Your friend or family member will receive one free premium title each month, regardless of the level of subscription you select, and they can keep it forever. They’ll also get unlimited access to the Audible Plus catalog, which is packed full of free audiobooks, audible originals, and podcasts.

Therefore, use the instructions below to give the gift of an Audible subscription.

Visit the Gift Center

Visit Audible’s Gift Centre page, making sure you’re signed in to your Amazon or Audible accounts.

Choose a Subscription

One month, three months, six months, or twelve months are your four subscription length choices when you visit the Gift Center.

By choosing the appropriate “select gift” tab, you can choose the one you want.

Fill in the Details

The “gift details” page will then be displayed, where you can select to send the Audible subscription by automated email or print it out and hand it to the recipient in person.

Once you’ve decided which option you prefer, fill out the form below with the necessary information, such as your name, the recipient’s name (and email address, if applicable), and the date you want them to receive their gift, if you’re sending it via email.

You can enter a customized gift message regardless of the delivery method you’ve selected.

Customize Your Gift

You will now be directed to the “customize your gift” page, where you can select a card to go with the Audible subscription.

If you are having trouble finding something you like right away, use the drop-down box to look through additional card options.

Finalize Your Gift

Once you’ve selected a card, you’ll be taken to the ‘finalize your gift’ page, where you can review your purchase details.

Verify that all the information is accurate before clicking the “buy now” button. Click “confirm purchase” after selecting your preferred payment method.’

Check Your Order Confirmation

You’ll be directed to a Thank You page with a summary of your gift order once your Audible subscription purchase has been confirmed. If you’ve decided to hand deliver the voucher, you’ll also get an email confirmation with comprehensive instructions.

And that’s it! Now, not only will your loved one enjoy all the advantages of Audible Plus, but they will also get one free title each month for the duration of their subscription.

There is no need to cancel their Audible membership before the end of the final month because once it expires, their account will be automatically paused.

I’ve Been Given An Audible Audiobook as a Gift: How Do I Redeem It?

An Audible audiobook gift can be redeemed quickly and easily.

If You Received Your Gift Via Email

  • The email with the subject “You’ve received a gift on Audible from XXX” should be opened in your inbox.’
  • As soon as you have entered the code, select “redeem on Audible” and then “redeem your gift.”‘

If You Received Your Gift in Printed Form

  • Go to the Audible ‘redeem gift’ page and enter the code on your card or voucher.
  • Redeem on Audible should be selected after clicking “redeem your gift” as in the previous step.’

Regardless of how you got your audiobook, you must have an Audible account to use it.

If you haven’t signed in already, you’ll be asked to do so after entering your code. If you don’t have an Audible account, you can create one for free by following the on-screen instructions.

You’ll be directed to a “Thank you” page after logging in and using your gift. You should now see the audiobook in your library and be able to start listening right away.

What Happens If I’ve Been Given An Audiobook I Already Own?

If a friend or member of your family has sent you a code for an audiobook that is already in your Audible library, don’t be concerned. Depending on how the original purchase was made, you’ll automatically receive credits or a coupon for the value of the gift. These can then be used to choose any audiobook you like.

I’ve Been Given An Audible Subscription as a Gift: How Do I Redeem It?

The procedures for redeeming an audible membership are the same as those outlined above for an audiobook gift.

You will be taken to a welcome screen verifying your membership information after signing in and using the special code to redeem your gift. Your account will reflect your monthly credit, at which point you can choose any audiobook and begin listening right away.

What If I Already Have An Audible Membership?

If you’ve beengifted an It’s okay if you already have an Audible subscription because you can use that instead. All credits that are given to you will be automatically added to your current account.

Conclusion: Send Them An Audible Audiobook

Nothing compares to receiving a brand-new book that has been eagerly anticipated by a book lover. Audiobooks, however, are still a fantastic way to spread the gift of reading in this age of growing digital content.

So, the next time you have to decide what to get your loved ones, consider sending them an Audible audiobook. Or, even better, give them a subscription so they can browse the enormous selection of Audible titles on their own.