You have been married for 26 years and have now reached your 25th anniversary as a couple. A 26th anniversary gift is definitely appropriate, even though it doesn’t pack the same emotional punch as a 25th anniversary does. Don’t worry if you’re unsure of what kind of gift to buy. You are protected by us.

We have what you need, whether you’re looking for something funny, practical, sentimental, or somewhere in between. Amazing gift suggestions are available that will make them cry (happy tears, of course!) and love you even more than the day you both said “I do.”

Our Favorite 26th Anniversary Gifts

Numerous gift suggestions for a 26th wedding anniversary have been gathered by us, including some with modern and gemstone themes as well as non-traditional options. We have you covered when it comes to selecting a 26th wedding anniversary gift, whether you want to get your spouse something sentimental or a gift to congratulate family members.

Lovers Roadcrossing Sign

With this striking sign, which features the names of the couple as street names with their anniversary or wedding date in between, lovers won’t just be star crossed; they’ll be road crossed as well.

Personalized Wedding Dance Poster

This completely customizable poster, which includes the couple’s names, wedding date, and location, as well as the couple themselves, will transport you back to the golden age of Hollywood.

City Skyline Wedding Art

This print, which can be personalized with hair color and skin tone, depicts a bride and groom dancing in front of the skyline of their preferred city. It also includes their names and a special date.

Pictures Couple Photo Heart Collage

This print, which is printed on canvas and stretched over a wooden frame, is available in a range of sizes and options, including a heart-shaped photo collage and soundwaves representing your vows that interlock.

Easy Diy Wall Art

This anniversary gift idea is really simple to make, and can be adapted to use any size or shape you like (although the heart is the most romantic!).

Personalized Family Print

It’s likely that a sizable family has expanded after 26 years of marriage. The skin tones, hair colors, and outfits used to create this framed print were accurately replicated.

Love Is Art Kit

Body paint is being elevated to a whole new level by transforming love into art. This kit is a lovely way to declare your love because it comes with everything you need to make an intimate painting.

Love Intertwined Personalized Wall Sculpture

This steel sculpture depicts an unusually framed intertwining personalized tree with a tiny red apple to symbolize the fact that you chose each other, representing the roots of a great love.

Custom Couple Portrait Illustration

With the ability to be personalized with all of your traits so that the final product looks exactly like the two of you, this adorable picture makes a whimsical anniversary gift. exclusive digital download.


Simpsons Custom Cartoon Portrait

This hilarious portrait, which is available as a digital download or on canvas, will bring out the Simpsons in your family members in spades! Send the artist a photo, and they will work with it from there.

Wood Wall Art

This wooden picture will blend in seamlessly with the current home d├ęcor trend of pallets. For an exquisite gift, your preferred photo can be printed directly onto the wood.

Luna Bean Keepsake Hand Casting Kit

Your hands will be joined for all eternity in startlingly clear detail once you’ve set them in this casting kit, as per your promise to hold each other’s hands forever.

Danya B. Cast Bronze Sculpture

This bronze statue of a couple on a swing captures the romance and innocence of true love and would make a sweet 26th anniversary present. It combines nostalgia with contemporary art.

Diy Wood Frame Desk Organizer

By following these instructions, you can make a photo frame desk organizer that can serve as the foundation for a variety of useful holders for items around the house, including utensils, makeup brushes, and even remote controls.

Wedding Waltz Personalized Art

Think back to the first time you tripped the light fantastic as husband and wife, and have it immortalized in this personalized and customized classic print.

Over the Threshold Personalized Art

With the venue, city, names, and date customized and personalized for a fun anniversary gift, you can relive that special moment when you carried her across the threshold.

Love You Always

This sculpture, made of marble resin and bronze patina and depicting the power of an embrace, is breathlessly simple but stunning and evocative. It would make a lovely anniversary gift to commemorate your relationship.

First Dance Personalized Art

Make this poster special to you by changing the skin tone and hair color. It shows your first dance together as husband and wife and includes the wedding venue, city, names, and date.

Family Soapstone Sculptures

The goal of this soapstone sculpture is to convey the unbreakable bond of a close family unit, whether you have a family of three, four, or five. manufactured in Zimbabwe by Shona craftsmen.

Wire Sculpture of Kissing Couple

This sculpture, which is made of aluminum wire and stands on a basswood coaster, is abstract and contemporary in style and features a kissing couple in a heart-shaped outline.

I Love You Soundwave Art

Despite the proverbial adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” this image only manages to convey three: “I Love You!” This print, which comes in a 5 x 6 frame, turns the words into soundwaves.

Diy Photo Gift Instagram Picture Frame

Even a beginner at making homemade gifts could master this photo frame with the help of a few simple crafting materials; you could even make it larger to hold more photos.

Bike Lovers Wall Sculpture

This charming vignette depicts a couple riding bicycles and enjoying the sun’s rays on them. It’s a lovely 26th anniversary present for any bike-loving couple made of brass and wood.

Personalized Heart Wall Sculpture

Unusual 3D artwork made from solid 16-gauge mild steel sheets that has been painted with acrylic before being customized with the couple’s names and a special year.

Spring Tree Stained Glass Panel

The artist carefully hand-cuts each piece of glass in this exquisite mosaic before attaching it to the image to create the spring tree scene that looks stunning in a window.

First Kiss Personalized Art

This personalized wall art, which depicts a bride and groom leaning in for that incredibly tender gesture, captures the magic of that first kiss as a married couple.

Personalized Reclaimed Wood Cityscape

This city skyline, which is laser etched with the city, family name, and special date, is made from reclaimed barn wood and Baltic birch plywood and makes a stunning piece of wall art.

Stars Align Personalized Wind Sculpture

Even 26 years later, are you still awestruck by celebrities? Hang this kinetic steel spiral in your garden and watch as it spins gently in the wind as it is personalized with names and wedding or anniversary dates.

Personalized Couple Painting

The artist will use a variety of mediums to create a unique portrait using a photo you send, creating a fun and incredibly unique gift for any birthday or anniversary.

Infinite Seashell Wall Sculpture

If the Hamptons have a special place in your heart, this flower sculpture will remind you of them wherever you are because it was made from shell pieces collected from the beaches you adore.

Sand Fence Wedding Personalized Art

A customized nostalgic poster featuring your favorite beach and the names, date, and location will help you remember your wedding if it took place along the Eastern Seaboard’s coastline.

First Toast Personalized Art

This timeless print, which is personalized with skin tone, names, the location, and the date, depicts a couple raising their glasses in their first toast. It is straightforward but full of memories.

Personalized Watercolor Artwork

This portrait was created digitally using a “pen” and tablet. It is available in three sizes and is printed on heavy-weight archival watercolor paper. It would make a lovely gift when framed.

Personalized Skyline Wedding Art

Select the skyline from which you exchanged vows, and Alexander Doll will transform it into a gorgeous poster with a personalized couple against the silhouette, along with names, the location, and the date.