Why do we observe Sweetest Day each year and send gifts? It’s customary to express affection and love on Sweetest Day, especially for and toward special people. The holiday, which will be observed on Saturday, October 16 in 2021, is yet another opportunity to show emotion. Although it is now a widely recognized holiday in the United States, this wasn’t always the case. If you’re not familiar with this holiday at all, keep reading to learn more about its origins and learn about some romantic presents for Sweetest Day.

Cleveland, Ohio celebrated its first Sweetest Day on October 10, 1921. The holiday is credited to Herbert Birch Kingston, a candy store employee who felt Cleveland’s orphans and outcasts were being forgotten. He distributed candy and other small gifts in an effort to foster the idea that one is cared for with the aid of family and friends.

As word of his good deed spread, other Clevelanders decided to follow his example. In appreciation for the Cleveland newspaper boys’ dedication to the community, popular movie star Ann Pennington gave 2,200 of them candy boxes. Theda Bera, another actress, distributed 10,000 boxes of candy to patients in Cleveland hospitals and provided candy to everyone who saw her movie in a nearby theater.

In the years that followed, Sweetest Day grew in popularity and, although it has largely remained a holiday observed in the Midwestern United States, it has spread to other areas. The holiday has also seen a few significant turning points if you will. The first Candy Day was celebrated on October 8, 1922, and The New York Times proclaimed the week of October 10, 1927, as Sweetest Week. The third Sunday in October was chosen as the date for the holiday in 1929.

In more recent times, Sweetest Day has become a fun holiday to honor loved ones and friends. Hallmark, a maker of greeting cards, began producing Sweetest Day cards in the 1960s and now offers close to a hundred different card types for customers to send to their near and far loved ones. Along with a variety of day-of gift suggestions, we also provide free personalized card messages. Here are a few suggestions for the sweetest day 2021 presents for her.

Make Sweet Treats Together.

Make your own candy instead of purchasing it in a box. Additionally, it provides you with an enjoyable activity to do on Sweetest Day. Look into local classes for chocolate or cake decorating. Alternately, do something enjoyable and simple at home, like dip and garnish candied apples or pretzel rods.

Together, Take Samples Of Wine Or Artisan Beer.

Sometimes, nothing says “love” or “you’re my best bud” like drinking your way through local breweries. There isn’t a more cozy way to unwind on a cool fall afternoon than with friendly company and delectable hops. Particularly now that pumpkin ale season has returned! If winery tours are more your style, that is certainly an option as well.

Get Your Country On!

No matter if you’re the biggest country fan, just dabble in it, or insist you don’t listen to it at all, a night like this will undoubtedly have you grinning and getting down with your friends. Start off with a hearty Southern dinner at a restaurant like LongHorn Steakhouse, Texas Roadhouse, Cracker Barrel, or a similar establishment. At a popular line-dancing venue, cap off the evening. To make the most of this Sweetest Day concept, plaid, denim, and boots are strongly recommended.

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Alma Mater Games Are In Season Now!

By traveling back to your college town together, you can catch up with old friends. Use the third weekend in October to reminisce about the good old days and indulge in some outstanding tailgating. Additionally, if you’re dating someone, this is a fun way to bring them along to learn some interesting details about a previous stage of your life.

Take Notes That Say “I Love/like You.”

One of the simplest yet most heartfelt things to do on Sweetest Day is this. It’s also adaptable enough to be shared with a wide range of recipients: a friend, coworker, significant other, parent, etc. One’s heart can be made happy by a few thought-provoking words. Consequently, write down some encouraging remarks or compliments and then subtly hide them in places where they can be found.

Sail Away On A Photographic Bay.

This is a fantastic Sweetest day idea for a boyfriend, girlfriend, or group of friends if you’re fortunate enough to live somewhere with bearable weather at this time of year (or if you have a strong “layering” game). Take a scenic cruise with breathtaking scenery to enjoy the season’s crisp air. Nothing compares to the excitement and ambiance of a boat ride along the shores of Chicago, San Francisco Bay, the NYC Harbor, and other breathtaking locations.

A Picnic “n” Park Hamper Should Be Packed.

Go outside and have a wonderful afternoon. Put tasty appetizers or sandwiches, a fine bottle of wine, and enjoyable entertainment (such as a deck of cards, a Frisbee, crossword puzzles, or a kite) in your basket. With your favorite person or group of friends, relax and enjoy the fresh air, feeling young at heart.

Do A Potluck.

A group of any size can enjoy some quality time by doing this. together. especially since few people will ever object to a justification for devouring some seriously sensational foods. even with outstanding company. Additionally, if you’re a couple, you can easily divide it into two parts for a “surprise potluck”: one of you does the dinner itself, and the other does drinks and dessert.

Pick Up Your Seasonal Pumpkins.

The activities that keep on giving make the best Sweetest Day presents. This weekend is ideal for a gourd hunt to find your prize and enjoy some fall festivities. There is still some time before Halloween to think of creative carving ideas. Once you’ve chosen a winner, enjoy a pumpkin carving party and include even more enjoyable pumpkin activities in the mix!

Fresh Fruit And Chocolate Candy Gift Basket

This is the perfect present for anyone who values balance in their lives. Seasonal fresh fruits are combined with a variety of chocolate candies to create a delicious and healthy treat. This gift basket can be delivered the same day, and a card message makes it even more special for your loved one.

Go On A Dark City Tour.

This Sweetest Day celebration idea is no exception to the rule that October is the best month for spooky events! Check out local ghost tours if you’re looking for something a little less commercial or mainstream than the typical haunted house. As you travel to various venues, adult beverages are typically offered for sale. Grab a cold drink, and enjoy an evening with a partner or group of friends full of spine-tingling tall tales.

Lay Street-sweetness On Others.

Sweetest Day can make a difference for both men and women who are going through difficult times. Make baked goods or purchase candy. Then, make some personalized stickers out of mail labels to attach encouraging notes (such as “you are loved” or “have a sweet day,” etc.).). Put those gems on your delectable treats before distributing them in the streets of a well-lit city. You can also give them to a shelter to be distributed, but if you do that, make sure to only buy wrapped candy (for health/screening reasons).