People are extremely enthralled by the act of tearing something open to reveal what is inside. It’s just not the same to open a gift that has been properly sealed as opposed to peering into an open bag. This is why we have started to look into ways to close a gift bag

Deliver printed gift bags that are beautifully packaged because part of the fun of receiving a gift is opening it. We are here to show you how to close a gift bag so that it looks just like the ones you see at high-end boutiques, whether you are making event goodie bags, corporate employee gifts, or simply looking for how to close gift bags for a family birthday gift! Create sleek and fashionable gift bags that exude luxury without having to spend hours making a “rustic”-looking tissue paper finish, painstakingly curling ribbons, or purchasing additional decorations.

Finding The Perfect Gift Bags To Use

Knowing how to close gift bags can help you make a crucial first impression because the presentation is a big part of gifts and goodie bags. It’s time to consider whether your gift bags themselves could be improved now that you know how to close a gift bag. In our store, The Printed Bag Shop, we have a large selection of bags that can be personalized with your distinctive design and printed to suit any occasion.

Due to their opulent look and glossy finish, laminated paper bags are a preferred option for special occasions and high-end businesses. Your bags can be made in the size, color, design, and finish of your choosing, allowing you to reach the right people with your standout branding and artwork. Printed cotton bags are more dependable and can even be washed if you’d prefer to deliver gifts in more environmentally friendly bags that can be used repeatedly. Offering thoughtful gift bags has never been so simple, especially with complete flexibility over the appearance of your bag design.

Close Gift Bags To Hide The Contents

Here is a quick tip that you will wish you had known about years ago if you don’t want any nosy recipients to peek inside the bag before they are allowed to open it. To carefully thread the handle through the holes on the opposite side of the bag, take hold of the end of the rope or ribbon handle inside the bag. Although it can be a little tricky at first, you’ll soon get the hang of it and be able to repeat it on the other side. This technique will result in a neat and tidy seal across the top of the bag, making it ideal for carrying around and creating suspense!

There are several ways to close a gift bag quickly and efficiently if you are manufacturing gift bags in bulk. These methods don’t have to sacrifice appearance. A great tamperproof way to present a professional image and keep the contents contained is by printing some branded stickers that can be folded over the center of the bag opening. The handles can also be neatly tied off with a simple piece of ribbon, which is a common option for boutiques and high-end brands.


Closing Your Gift Bag By Switching The Strings

People will be happy to hear that there is a hack to make this happen if they don’t want to wrap gifts the conventional way but still want the thrill of opening a sealed gift. The ability to close a gift bag using its strings was demonstrated in a TikTok video that recently went viral.

While many people thought this approach was eye-opening and altered the way we view gift bags, others weren’t too fond of it. You can close your gift bag in these three simple steps to determine whether or not you like the technique:

  • Pulling inward on the bag’s strings will make the inside ends of the strings longer and the string on the outside edge tighter.
  • Pull the edges of the strings through the holes on the opposite side. For instance, the edge of the string in your left hand will pass through the hole and land in your right hand. Apply the same technique to both trims.
  • The bag will start to close as you pull the strings tight, starting with the outer string.

You’ve successfully used the strings to seal your gift bag. This approach has received criticism from a number of people despite producing a closed gift bag. They believed that using this technique led to a difficult, confusing opening process that diminished the joy of receiving a gift. Therefore, I suppose the only thing we can do is give it a shot.

Closing Your Gift Bag By Tying Ribbon Or String To The Handles

Using pretty ribbons or string to connect the strings of the gift bag is an alternative if you’ve tried this method and didn’t like it. A person only needs to pull on the ribbon or string to separate the handles from one another, making it simple for them to open the gift.

Making your gift bag more eye-catching and lovely involves selecting a lovely ribbon or string that matches the bag. To give your gifts an even more unique touch, you can make personalized ribbons.

You can try other alternative ideas for more exciting gift wrapping if you have tried both of these approaches and feel that they still don’t have the same level of gift-opening excitement.

Double-sided Tape Trick

This double-sided tape trick may already be in your toolbox, but if it isn’t, it’s a simple and quick way to seal gift bags without tape.

Double-sided tape is a clear, pressure-sensitive tape that is frequently used for papercrafts but also looks fantastic on gift bags. Because the regular tape is more durable than double-sided tape, you might want to use stronger tape as a backup to reinforce the bag’s seam. Use paper- or fabric-specific double-sided tape, not permanent adhesive.

How to Close Gift Bags with Double-Sided Tape

  • Turn the bag inside out. Make sure the bag’s seam is straight and in alignment.
  • Double-sided tape should be cut into a small piece and applied to the seam with the sticky side up. To remove any air bubbles, press the tape firmly to the bag’s seam and press down.
  • You’re done when you flip the bag back to the outside.
  • You can cover the seam with a piece of regular tape if you want to add another layer of reinforcement.


Gifts are commonly wrapped in gift bags. They are useful for wrapping a wide range of gifts, from small items like jewelry to bigger items like art, and they are available in a variety of sizes and styles.

Gift bags can be closed in a variety of ways, such as with double-sided tape, hook and loop fasteners, double-sided adhesive strips, gluing the seam closed, or a combination of these methods. Whichever approach you go with, make sure to reinforce the bag’s seam with regular tape just in case.