In recent decades, expecting parents have increasingly preferred gender reveal parties as a fun and exciting way to find out the gender of their unborn child. The expecting parents typically host informal gatherings to celebrate the gender reveal with a select group of close friends and family.

Gifts are not required for gender reveals, unless specifically requested, unless you want to bring something. Gifts are a nice way to express gratitude to your hosts for inviting you to their celebration and are always a welcome and appreciated surprise.

Some parents will host a baby shower along with the gender reveal, combining two events into one. You will need to bring a gift for the baby shower in this situation.

If you’re unsure whether or not to bring a gift to a gender reveal party, it doesn’t hurt to inquire with the party’s host or the expectant parents.

This article will discuss appropriate gift-giving behavior at gender-reveal parties and offer some suggestions for appropriate gift types.

What Does a Gender Reveal Party Entail?

There are a few games, themed food and drinks, and of course, the gender reveal at a gender reveal party!

Even though they are required, games add to the party’s fun, festive atmosphere. Games can range from common outdoor pursuits to the zanier kinds, like diaper-changing contests. Some couples will only play a betting game to predict the baby’s gender as their only less formal activity.

While there are many different types of food and beverages, hot dogs are a popular and convenient choice. In keeping with the gender reveal the theme, the desserts frequently consist of pink, blue, or frosted cookies.

Couples usually wait to reveal the gender of their unborn child until the party is halfway through, usually before dessert, in order to create suspense. Everyone is then free to continue the celebration with desserts and exciting new activities.

What Kind of Gift Should You Bring to a Gender Reveal Party

Most celebrations consider bringing gifts is considered proper behavior. Nonetheless, bringing a gift isn’t always required because gender reveal parties aren’t occasions for giving gifts like birthdays and baby showers.

Focus on a gift for the parent(s) if you do choose to bring something to a gender reveal party. When they host a baby shower, they’ll almost certainly receive a lot more gifts for the baby. Consider giving them a gift that they can enjoy while they wait for their child to arrive or that will help them cope with the stress that comes with having a new baby.

If you are familiar with prospective parents, you might decide to give them a gift that fits their interests and pastimes. Gift cards, edible treats, and gift boxes are some tried-and-true gifting options that you can’t go wrong with if you’d prefer to be safe with your purchases.

If the parents’ baby shower is held simultaneously with the gender reveal, this rule will not apply. Gifts for babies would be appropriate in this situation. You are also permitted to purchase a gift for the infant if you are aware that the parents will not be hosting a baby shower. In any case, if you intend to give the baby rather than the parents as a gift, stick with gender-neutral options.

Gift Ideas for a Gender Reveal Party

Gift Cards
  1. Matching Gifts for Parents and Baby

Every parent appreciates matching gifts because they are easy to give. Purchase a matching set of clothes for the baby that can be used as a photo prop, or (check Amazon) a set of mugs that can be personalized with the child’s birth date so that the new parents can enjoy their coffee in the morning.

  1. Gift Cards and Certificates

Numerous expenses and additional stress are associated with having a baby. Give the soon-to-be parents a gift card they can use however they like or use a gift certificate to their favorite eatery to treat them to a night out on the town.

Gift cards for luxuries like spa getaways will allow the expecting parents to indulge in some well-deserved alone time, which will become increasingly rare once the baby is born. Gift certificates for maternity photo sessions or future family photo sessions make excellent gift ideas. Check out best-selling gift cards for every occasion here on Amazon.

  1. Subscription Services

A recurring gift is a subscription service. Finding something the soon-to-be parents will like shouldn’t be too difficult with so many options available, from daily meal delivery services to monthly beauty and skin-care boxes to book subscriptions.

  1. Homemade Treats

A tray of fresh baked goods is a modest but always appreciated gift. Prepare a few servings of your preferred dish and bring them to the gathering. Making cupcakes or cake pops with a blue and pink theme would also fit the occasion’s theme.

  1. Gifts Specifically for Mom Or for Dad

You might want to purchase a gift for the parent you are closer to if you are friends with them more closely than the other parent. Maternity clothing or jewelry made in honor of the mother-to-be could be presented as gifts. Give a future father a personalized watch or a set of smart speakers that can also be used as an intercom.

What Not to Gift at a Gender Reveal Party

  1. Alcohol

While celebrating the new baby at the gender reveal may seem like a good idea, it is probably not the best choice for the simple reason that it is bad for the celebrant. Bringing wine to a gender reveal is likely to make the expecting parents feel excluded and may even tempt them to sip.

Make sure to stick to non-alcoholic options that everyone can enjoy if you feel obligated to bring a bottle or have been asked to bring refreshments for the party.

  1. Unsolicited Advice

Go ahead and share your knowledge with the parents if they inquire about how to get their infant to sleep through the night at a gender reveal party. However, advice is only useful when it is requested. Giving advice when it isn’t wanted can create uncomfortable circumstances.

Wait for the new parents to ask for advice if you want to give it to them, or ask if you can give it to them. Try not to be offended if they decline because this kind of gift isn’t appropriate for everyone.

  1. Gender-Specific Gifts

Gender reveals serve the purpose of, well, revealing the baby’s gender. Should you choose the wrong gender when selecting a gendered gift for the occasion, it could be awkward.

What Are Creative Ways to Reveal the Gender?

Gender Reveal Party

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Couples will decide to get creative with the actual reveal because it is the party’s main draw to reveal the gender of the unborn child. Here are a few different fun ways to reveal the gender:

  • Popping open a balloon – Many couples decide to use a balloon to announce the gender of their unborn child. It makes it simple for everyone to see when the couple pops the balloon and provides a wonderful photo opportunity. Confetti, glitter, powder—you name it—can all be found inside!
  • Powder bomb – Similar to the balloon-popping idea for a baby gender reveal, a powder bomb is great for pictures and making sure no one misses the action. Either the couple or a third party can fire the powder bomb!
  • Cutting a cake open – Depending on the color of the cake itself or a fun filling like M&Ms, gender can be revealed when the parents cut the cake. Other desserts like cookies or cupcakes can also be used for this.
  • Confetti push pops – Push pops are an entertaining way for everyone to take part in the gender reveal party. A fun group reveals is created when everyone simultaneously pushes the confetti out.
  • Piñata – The gender reveals piñata is a wonderful throwback to the couple’s earlier years. It makes for a fun spectacle and is silly and lighthearted. The Piñata can be filled with candy or confetti that matches the baby’s gender.
  • Silly string shower – All of the guests spray silly string at the couple during the silly string shower gender reveals. Everyone gets to take part in the reveal with this method!
  • Opening a box – While it may seem like an uninteresting way to find out the gender of your baby, couples who do this for a gender reveal party typically fill the box with colored balloons. Then, when they open the box to reveal the gender, they all float out.

In Conclusion

You are more than welcome to bring a gift if you would like to, but it is not necessary at a gender reveal parties.

At gender reveal parties, the parents-to-be are the primary recipients of gifts, with a few exceptions. Bring something enjoyable for them if you are bringing a gift to the occasion. There will be more chances for you to give the baby gifts if there is a baby shower.


When is a Gender Reveal Party Typically Held?

A gender reveal party should ideally be held some distance away from the baby shower to avoid the two events being held too close to one another. Since gender reveal parties frequently occur in the first three months after the baby is born, this is because baby showers typically take place in the third trimester.

However, if the parents decide to host the party later, they can easily combine it with the gender reveal party to spare friends and family from attending too many events.

Who Hosts a Gender Reveal Party?

Usually, the couple who is expecting hosts gender reveal parties. Even though the occasion is significant, a gender reveal party is more like a backyard barbecue and should be treated accordingly.

Even if the couple decides to delegate the reveal to a friend or member of their family, they should still host the event.

Who Should Be Invited to a Gender Reveal Party?

It really depends on the couple and what they want to celebrate as to whether or not they want to invite everyone to their gender reveal party. This event is a good opportunity to invite more male friends because baby showers are typically only attended by the mother and her female friends.

However, there is always a baby shower that can be held later to which coworkers, friends, and other acquaintances can be invited if some people are unable to attend the event or are not included.