How to redeem Spotify gift cards? This article will show you how to redeem your Spotify gift cards both physical and electronic.

Spotify gift cards are a great gift to give or receive, and if you end up getting one, redeeming the gift card is (usually) a piece of cake. While there are other streaming services, most people prefer Spotify, despite the fact that it is not the only one. It has a vast music library, and unparalleled personalization, and has been around for a very long time. Additionally, you can be sure that most of the people you know use Spotify.

Spotify gift cards are widely available in most stores, just like any well-known service. Including Netflix, Roblox, and Amazon gift cards., also present are the ones for Gift cards for Spotify that are simple to use, just like any other gift card. As soon as you enter the gift card’s details online after receiving it, you can immediately start using Spotify for a few months at no cost. On paper, the redemption process appears to be fairly straightforward, but how does it actually work?

What are Spotify Gift Cards?

With the help of a code, you can access a Premium Individual plan from Spotify. To give them access to Spotify Premium, you can send them a Spotify Gift Card for a specific amount.

If your friend wants to use Spotify Premium, you can send him a Spotify Gift card. Your friend can use Spotify Premium in this way without encountering any paywalls.

You can send Spotify Gift Cards to your friends, family, loved ones, and other relatives. A Spotify Gift card is a great way to get Spotify Premium for Free.

Spotify Gift Card

Types of Spotify Gift Cards

Both physical and electronic gift cards are available from Spotify. Both of these cards have stored value, and users can use to redeem them. They are distributed over a range of time periods and denominations. Gift cards and eGift cards are issued in fixed dollar amounts, such as $20, $50, and $100.

Additionally, Spotify offers premium subscription cards with lengths of service such as six, twelve, and more. Gift cards and Premium Subscription cards are distinct from one another by the denomination of each. eGift cards are also distinguished from gift cards in that they are not physically purchased, used, or giftable.

Features of Spotify Gift Card

  1. Not refundable: A Spotify gift card purchase is subject to a no-refund policy. After issuance and activation, they can no longer be returned for cash once customers have purchased them.
  2. Irredeemable on other platforms: Spotify gift cards can only be redeemed online at, as the Spotify app and other platforms do not support this feature.
  3. Irreplaceable: In the event of theft, loss, or when used without the owner’s consent, Spotify gift cards are irreplaceable. Immediately following a card purchase, you are left in charge of the card’s security. Therefore, users need to be very careful about how they store and use their gift cards.
  4. Gift cards cannot be used to buy eGift cards, subscription cards, or other gift cards. It is strictly to pay for the premium subscription on

Where to Buy Spotify Gift Cards?

Now that you know what exactly is Spotify Gift card, you may want to gift somebody else. Therefore, you can easily find platforms to buy Spotify Gift Cards if you’re looking for them.

Users can buy Spotify Gift cards from numerous online shops, electronic stores, and even e-commerce websites, according to the official Spotify website.

Grocery stores, convenience stores, and online retailers like Amazon all sell Spotify Gift Cards.

If you transfer money through Paypal, you can buy a Spotify gift card there as well. Since there are various ways to get a Spotify Gift card, finding one should be easy.

Spotify Gift Card

Redeem Your Spotify Gift Card

Spotify gift cards can only be redeemed online at, not through the mobile app. All countries can use their Spotify gift cards to subscribe to the service, but your region or country settings must correspond to the location of the card’s purchase. Users of gift cards should be aware that in order to use a gift card, its currency must match the currency on the Spotify account. The following are steps to redeeming a Spotify gift card:

  • Visit and log in to
  • If you do not have an account yet, you might have to create your Spotify account
  • Scratch off the layer on the PIN on the back of the card
  • Enter the PIN or code from your receipt into the column provided
  • Hit the Redeem button

You can use a Spotify gift card in just five simple steps. However, using an eGift card differs slightly from using the digital gift card mentioned above. Below are the steps to redeem a Spotify eGift card:

  • Visit
  • Log in or create your Spotify account if you do not have one already
  • Enter the card number and other details
  • Click enter code to transfer the total money value of your eGift card to your Spotify account

Users of Spotify gift cards are limited to using up to 18 months of premium subscription at once. On, only gift cards that have already been activated can be used. If you bought your card in a store and it hasn’t been activated yet, you might need to return it and ask the staff to do it. You can complain to Spotify support if your card is not accepted after 24 hours of activation or if it is difficult for you to read the code.


Why Isn’t My Gift Card Working on Spotify?

You must clear your computer’s cache in order for your Spotify gift card to function. That’s all there is to it: after spending countless hours looking, I found one lonely comment in a lonely place on Reddit that said, “You need to clear the cache.”

Can I Redeem my Spotify Card on App?

You cannot redeem Spotify gift cards in the Spotify app on your smartphone.

Wrapping Up

In light of this, this guide is all about using Spotify gift cards. With the above-mentioned instructions, you can easily redeem a Spotify gift card. Redeeming a Spotify gift card before you’re ready will prevent you from using it when you’re ready. Just make sure not to wait too long. A year has passed since the date of purchase when Spotify gift cards expire.