Several occasions are perfect for receiving a wine gift basket. The combination of wine, foods, and accessories offers both practical and experiential delights, whether you want to congratulate newlyweds, honor a coworker, or show love to the wine lover in your life. Anyone’s DIY toolkit would benefit from its versatility. Create something complex or basic. Make it unique based on the preferences of each person. Gift baskets that can be put together quickly can be made by batching your purchases. Any way you choose to go about it, you can give a homemade gift that was enjoyable to make and that they are sure to appreciate. Looking for some ideas? To assist you in becoming a master wine basket curator, we’ve compiled our best advice and strategies. Here’s how to put together a wine gift basket.

Essentials For Wine Gift Baskets

Wine gift baskets can be completely customized, which is one of their best features. Building them all on the same framework enables a lot of variety and adaptability. Gift baskets are a lot of fun to give and receive when you get creative with the categories and pairings! But first, you must master the fundamentals before you can begin freestyling. Here are the components you’ll need to put together a great wine gift basket.

A Budget

When thinking of homemade wine basket gift ideas, it’s simple to get carried away. If you’re not careful, purchasing individual items and assembling them can cost more than you had anticipated. Additionally, if you are not picky, the cost of fine wine, gourmet food, and accessories can add up quickly. Because of this, a budget is the first requirement for a wine gift basket! Planning your homemade gift in accordance with your budget will help.

When thinking about luxury items, it’s important to choose where to spend and where to save. Try not to put all of your eggs in one basket, though. You likely need a decorative wine sleeve rather than a basket if you put all of your money into the wine. On the other hand, if you go all out on expensive snacks, you might end up pairing it with wine that doesn’t quite measure up to the rest of the gifts. When making a gift basket on a tight budget, it is best to take a moderate stance, as with most things.


The wine is the most important component of your gift basket. You must realize how obvious that is. It might be less obvious, though, how your choice will affect the rest of the items in the basket, if not the entire thing. In a way, selecting the wine is similar to selecting the theme for the event. If you’re unsure of the path you want to take, a number of factors, including:

  • The type of wine the recipient prefers
  • Whatever pairs best with the food you wish to include
  • Whatever matches the season and its festivities
  • The occasion the gift is commemorating
  • Your personal favorites

Once you’ve chosen the wine, you’ll use it as a guide to select the other gifts so everything matches!


The basket is the following necessary item. The typical image that comes to mind when thinking of gift baskets is one made of wicker or rattan, but this isn’t always the case. There is only one essential requirement for the container you select: keeping everything together. That creates a ton of opportunities! You can make the vessel an equally valuable component of the gift by thinking outside the (ahem) basket. As long as it can hold all the parts, it can be a bag, pail, box, bucket, or anything else you like. Think about what the recipient might reuse when selecting the base. Most people might not require a shallow, handled basket, but they might adore a contemporary storage basket made of wicker! Or maybe you could try a woven cotton basket, a picnic basket, or a decorative metal basket.

Gourmet Snacks

Wine pairs well with other delectable foods, which is one of its best qualities. It almost counts as an art form. Gourmet snacks added to your basket will improve the recipient’s experience overall and add a tempting touch of luxury. There are so many delicious wine and food pairings to pick from, but for basket purposes, you should mainly stick to nonperishable or shelf-safe items. Consider munchies like popcorn, nuts, cured meats, cheeses, chocolates, crackers, jams, and nut butters. Fruit is one exception to this rule, though you’ll want to make sure your recipient is aware that it contains fresh fruit that they should consume right away or store in the refrigerator.

Don’t Forget A Few Fun Trinkets

I adore the scene in Mary Poppins where she reaches into her carpet back and pulls out item after item. There are many useful items to include in wine gift baskets, and whenever I can, I like to use a similar approach when making them. Here are some of my favorite things to mention:

Add The Perfect Wine Glass

Wine glasses should not be overlooked at all! We finally switched to stainless steel, stemless glasses after breaking glass wine glasses for years. They are ideal for outdoor excursions or camping. They won’t break or get water stains from washing, so I don’t have to worry about those things. Stainless steel, stemless glasses have become my favorite in the last year, and these stainless / stemless Tervis Tumblers are so amazing! Hydroflask has nice stemless wine glasses too!

You can tailor any of these accessories to the recipient’s preferences or passions!

Tervis Tumblers

While visiting cherished friends in Florida years ago, we became aware of Tervis Tumblers. We had young children at the time, and they could break almost anything. Tervis’ high-quality reusable plastic drinkware with vibrant, enjoyable designs caught our attention. Over time, we discovered how well they endure.

Tervis’ commitment to quality and upcycling of returned goods into fresh, usable materials is something we really appreciate. The business is deeply concerned for the creatures that live in and depend on our oceans. Since 1946, they have been working to improve the world. They act morally uprightly because it is the right thing to do, not because it is fashionable or helps sell tumblers.

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I chose two Guy Harvey products for this basket in order to support the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation. I appreciate that my purchase also contributes to vital conservation efforts. In order to establish a naturally balanced ocean environment, the GHOF carries out scientific research and sponsors educational programs. The GHOF also provides funding for numerous other initiatives.

Tervis manufactures not only these incredible stemless wine glasses but also a wide range of other entertaining goods, including:

  • Disney nefarious characters, FROZEN 2, DC Comics, Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and more!
  • Make your own entertaining Tervis Tumblers with Customyzer Drinkware to display your children’s artwork, your own photography, or to dress up your children as their preferred Disney characters!
  • Remember the TV show Friends? How YOU doin?
  • Your favorite college sports teams, as well as NFL, NCAA, MLB, NHL, NBA

This year, which Tervis Tumbler would you like to give or receive?

Fillers And Flourishes

It’s time to complete the picture and add finishing touches, last but not least, by completing the gaps. To prevent slipping, sliding, and damage to any delicate items, you must fill the spaces between each item when assembling a gift basket. You can get a little fancy and cover some stuffing with tea towels or cloth napkins, but the more conventional options include shredded, crinkled kraft paper, Easter grass, and tissue paper. Fillers can also act as supports for particular elements or as transitional elements between sections. For example, if the wine bottle has sat in a lower position than you would like, try adding some extra paper shreds or a folded tea towel underneath it to prop it up higher.

Your gift basket will receive its finishing touch when it is wrapped in large cellophane wrapping or a basket bag, which is typically bunched over the top of the basket and tied together with a bow or ribbon.


How To Make A Good Wine Gift Basket

Put everything in its proper place now that you have everything you need! Here are some steps to help you put together a stunning wine gift basket because wine gift basket ideas are all about appealing presentation.

Prepare The Basket

Get your basket out and fill it with filler material until it is halfway full. Don’t use the entire supply; save some for later. Try rolling up newspaper or kraft paper to fill the extra space in the bottom of a large basket if you’ve chosen one. Now that you’ve gathered everything you intend to put inside, arrange it all according to size so you can see exactly what goes where. If the container has a lid, now is the time to secure it to the back or base of the container.

Consider Your Arrangement

A gift basket can be put together in a variety of ways, so picking one in advance can be useful. Here are some ways you can arrange your gift basket so that it not only looks lovely but also has room for all the items you intend to include.

Back To Front

A background of large items, a middle ground of medium items, and a foreground of the smallest items are created by building the arrangement from back to front in the first method. Assemble the items like risers by lining them up. For this arrangement, you’ll need to use some of your filler material to support items that might be too small to protrude from behind the lip of the basket or to give the items in the back some extra height. If one of the items, like a box of crackers or a jar of jam, is already prominently displayed, duplicates can also act as platforms.

Center To Perimeter

Starting in the middle and moving out to the edges is another way to arrange your basket. The tallest item will go in the center, followed by rings of smaller items that fan out from it until they are lining the outer rim. For circular baskets, this arrangement works well. Filler material will be helpful in creating buffers between the rings to stop glass objects from shattering against one another. If you choose to make a dessert-themed basket, you can also use this arrangement to make “cake” tiers.

“z” Formation

Starting with the largest item in one of the back corners or edges of your box or container, form a “Z” shape. Your “Z” might end up backward depending on which side you select, but that’s okay. Next, arrange the items in the box by layering them across the back edge, down the diagonal, and across the front edge in order of largest to smallest. To make the heights of items descend more smoothly or to support the items at the back of the basket, use filler material. Try layering multiple items across the back of the basket if you want to arrange them horizontally and vertically so that the basket appears even more full.

Build Your Basket

It’s time to build out your arrangement now that you know which one you’re going to use! Select one of the larger gifts from among your assortment to act as your focal point. It might be the thing that draws the most attention, like a sign, a cheese board, a book, or a big box of chocolate. Depending on how you want to arrange the gifts, it may also be the tallest item in the group.

Spread out the filler material to create a space for this item in your basket and place it toward the back or center. Create the structure using the heaviest items on hand, working your way down from largest to smallest. Delaying the addition of the smallest items for now is not a bad idea. Prioritize the gifts that will have the biggest impact.

Fill In The Gaps

It’s time to finish the basket once the skeleton has been formed. Add more filler material or incorporate smaller gifts like cheese knives to any areas that seem limp or empty. Open a bag of chocolates or other individually wrapped treats and feel free to scatter them on any spaces that appear to be empty. For an additional decoration, you can tuck in folded tissue paper pieces that stick out.

Ideas For Homemade Wine Baskets

Nothing harms anyone more than a little extra inspiration. We’ve gathered a ton of wine gift basket ideas to help you make the gift that will be the talk of the office or if you just need some inspiration for your own gift basket.

Special Occasions

A special occasion can be the inspiration for a basket’s theme. Here are some of our top wine basket suggestions for special occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

Corporate Gifts

An elegant way to express your gratitude to clients is with a thoughtfully crafted corporate wine basket, which you can even customize for a business or particular client based on their preferences. There is a wide range of corporate wine gifts available, including wine and champagne bottles, gift cards, and more.

Wine is also available in cases or by the bottle, making it simple to purchase a present for a single customer or an entire team. You can select these particular wines or even mix and match a selection if you are aware of the type of wine your customers like, giving them the opportunity to sample a diverse range of flavors. A stress-free way to select the ideal present for your business partners is to select a wine gift basket.


Wine gift baskets for Christmas are a wonderful homemade gift. Parties at home or at work are open to them. A festive tea towel or cloth napkins should be used to line a decorative mesh basket. Choose one treat to accompany each wine and wrap it up separately with a label stating the day to open it. For a finishing touch, wrap the handles in festive ribbon, attach sleigh bells, and tuck in sprigs of holly, pine, or mistletoe.

Office Gift Exchange

A wine gift basket is appropriate for your office gift exchanges whether it’s for the boss’ birthday, the office Christmas party, or a career milestone. You can’t really go wrong as long as you take the time to research any food allergies or dietary restrictions. You might even want to tailor the gifts to the recipient’s specific tastes or interests if you’re close with them.

Include branded items in any gifts you send to existing or prospective customers. They will remember your business as they enjoy their wine and snacks if you provide wine glasses with the company logo etched on them or personalized wine labels for bottles. With individually wrapped gifts and prepackaged portions, if you’re sending a basket to the entire office, you can encourage employees to share.

Purchasing wine and other accessories in bulk and putting together multiple baskets at once is another option for office gifts. If you choose this route, you can take advantage of bulk pricing, which will save you a ton of money if you’re planning to spend a lot of money on several gifts.

Bridal Shower Or Wedding Gift

A shared bottle of wine between two lovebirds is one of the most romantic things you can imagine: Ah, marital bliss. Create a marriage milestone gift basket to be given as a gift at the wedding or at the bridal shower. Give them a few wine glasses that are personalized with their married name and wedding date. Add a corkscrew with your monogram on it. Don’t forget to provide them with a cork collector so they can keep track of the bottles throughout their union!

For their “firsts,” such as their first night, fight, New Year’s Eve, home, and anniversary, scatter these items with a few bottles of wine. If you are familiar with the bride and groom, you can select cheese or chocolates for the gift, but add romantic touches to the rest. If you’re stuck for ideas, use their registry to pick out their favorite storage solutions, tea towels, and wine accessories to make a gift they’re sure to adore.


A wine gift basket goes great at a housewarming celebration! The new homeowners will be overjoyed to have some food to help them transition during a move or to feed hungry helpers who are carrying boxes. Wine is a traditional housewarming gift. A corkscrew, cheese plate, and cheese knives are additional wine accessories that they might not have yet unpacked. Add some decorative items to the room, like a lovely throw blanket or a candle.


Try some of these themed baskets if you need more inspiration. For noteworthy events or last-minute surprises, modify these.

  • Wine and chocolate: Start by deciding whether you want white, milk, or dark chocolate. Choose a bottle that goes with the treat you want to eat. White chocolate should be paired with a Riesling, milk chocolate with a Pinot Noir, and dark chocolate with a Merlot.
  • Wine and cheese: With hard cheeses like aged Gouda, Asiago, and cheddar, start with a red wine like a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. Keep the cheddar and gouda on hand and choose a bottle of Chardonnay if you need a white wine pairing. A cheese board, cheese knives, crackers, and jams should round out the basket’s contents.
  • Wine sampler: Why not pack the basket with a variety of smaller bottles so the recipient can sample a variety of wines instead of just one large 1.5-liter bottle? Give them a gift card to finish it off so they can purchase a full bottle of their preferred beverage.
  • Wine movie night: Put a bottle of Pinot Grigio in the middle of a popcorn bucket and fill the rest with specialty popcorn and chocolate-covered nuts or raisins. Include a gift card to a streaming service, like Netflix, if you want to take it to the next level.
  • World wine tour: Pick a region to base the theme of your box on, then choose a wine from there. To add to the basket, do some research on typical snacks, chocolates, or candies from these cultural areas.

You’re sure to please a wide range of family members or friends with any of these suggestions.

Build Your Wine Basket With Marketview Liquor

Marketview Liquor is the one-stop shop for all of your purchasing needs, regardless of the type of gift basket you want to create. We have the ingredients you need to start your gift basket off right, whether you’re looking for a bottle of red, white, or wine-related accessories to make your basket shine. Napa Valley, the Finger Lakes, Iceland, and New Zealand are all represented in our extensive wine list. Everyone has options to choose from, regardless of how much money they have to spend.

Wrap It Up

It’s time to complete your basket now. It’s okay if you need to remove and reorganize items several times. Until you’re satisfied and ready to wrap it up, try out any combination you like. Get some cellophane once you’re satisfied. Make sure you have enough plastic to completely cover the basket with material left over for bunching at the top before rolling out the plastic and centering the basket on the sheet.